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A bodywork session with Happy Horse Sports Therapy takes two hours.

The first half an hour is a thorough assessment of your horse – standing still, at walk and trot in straight lines and backing up. The horse is then scored on a reflex test, the results of which are compared at following sessions.

After the assessment and scoring, the bodywork component takes place. This usually takes an hour or so. The therapist will cover the whole body, with more focus on areas of issue identified in the assessment stage. Deep tissue and remedial massage forms the bulk of the session, with stretching and techniques from other modalities (including myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, Masterson Method, acupressure, photonic therapy and TENS) being employed as needed.

The last half hour of the session involves kinesiology taping and the discussion of homework exercises which are emailed to the owner. Saddle and tack fit may also be assessed.



A taping session with Happy Horse Sports Therapy takes one hour.

The first part of the session is a thorough assessment of your horse – standing still, at walk and trot in straight lines and backing up. The therapist will then discuss taping goals and theories with you.

After assessment, the therapist will apply the tape according to Equi-tape protocols and then re-assess the horse. This will happen a few times, as it’s important to get the most benefit from the tape – after all, the tape is only as good as the way it’s been applied. Your horse will slightly vary the way it moves after each application and as tape is such a powerful tool, it’s important to get it right to achieve the purpose.


Why use Happy Horse Sports Therapy?

The points of difference between us and our competitors is that we’re thorough and we take the time.

We take the time with you and your horse to get to the heart of the issue. We aim to deliver the best service possible so that you can see and feel a difference in your horse straight away. While most therapists take 45-60 minutes per session, we allocate double this – 2 hours – for each and every session.

We care about your horse as if it’s our own and constantly check in with you to see how you and your horse are going – after the session, with the homework that was assigned, a few weeks later, after a competition… Our view is that we’re part of the team of professionals responsible for your horse’s well-being – it’s not a once-off, “take-your-money-and-run” session – we’re with you for as long as your horse needs us.



Cash is accepted, although credit card payments and bank transfers are preferred. Invoices are emailed to all clients for tax purposes.



A travel charge of $10 applies for horses 30-45 minutes drive from Bellbird Park QLD 4300, and $20 for horses 45-60 minutes away. The travel charge is halved if there are two horses in the same vicinity and waived entirely for three or more horses in the same vicinity.



For cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice provided, the full fee will be charged.


“When there is asymmetry in the body or limbs, there is compensation.
When there is compensation, there are postural changes.
Where postural changes exist, locomotion will be affected.
When locomotion is no longer symmetrical, performance and eventually soundness will suffer.”
Dr Kerry Ridgeway