What is equine sports therapy?

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Equine sports therapy includes all complementary soft tissue therapies used on the horse. At Happy Horse Sports Therapy, we use a variety of techniques derived from many different therapies. The main types of therapy we use are equine osteopathic techniques, sports massage and stretching.

Equine osteopathy is a new field of bodywork in Australia, and Kate has had to travel to the USA and Germany to learn how to do it well. Osteopathy considers the horse as a whole and addresses the musculo-skeletal system, the cranio-sacral system and the parietal/visceral systems. The way the organs sit in the body and move with the horse can have a large impact on the overall comfort of the horse.

While regular massage offers valid treatment for overworked, stressed muscles, sports massage is treatment given with the understanding not only of anatomy and physiology but also of the particular demands placed on the horse’s body and its workload/discipline. It can be more aggressive than regular massage.

Kate uses a variety of modalities with the principal mandate of returning the horse to its desired activity with the same or better level of function. As riders and horse owners, all one really wants to see is their horse happy, healthy and feeling good.