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An avid horse lover, Kate has had horses for most of her life. She started in riding schools, before getting her first horse and attending pony club. She competed in eventing, before focusing on re-training. These days, she mainly musters and trail rides, and strives to help ridden horses as much as she can through her business, Happy Horse Sports Therapy.

Kate had two QH geldings, and it’s thanks to them that she has pursued the education and treatment side of horse ownership. Not happy with the way her own horses were behaving under saddle, Kate tried many therapies and many more therapists, before deciding to learn how to help horses herself.

This decision has taken Kate down the rabbit-hole of equine therapy, anatomy and professional practice. She continues to develop and refine her skills by working closely with owners, vets, farriers, trimmers, saddle-fitters, dentists and colleagues, whilst also undertaking courses and completing qualifications every year.

Kate currently lives in the United States of America, where she attends the Vluggen Institute’s School of Equine Osteopathy. She returns home to Australia once a year to catch up with clients and implement her learnings from the States with horses at home.